HIGH & STYLE magazine – Divine ARES – ACHILLES

//HIGH & STYLE magazine – Divine ARES – ACHILLES

HIGH & STYLE magazine – Divine ARES – ACHILLES

Another excellent review from Slovak Magazine, High & Style! I want to personally thank our “Dream-team” in Slovakia, Dreamaudio.sk for their excellent work!!!

Pilium Ares + Achilles – Materialized mythology
The heroes of ancient myths – who would have said that – have an overlap to this day. The founder of the Greek-Bulgarian company, which broke into the highend in 2014 with the vehemence of the conquerors of Troy, committed to developing and producing “state of the art” audio components of the highest quality. Precise hand production with attention to every detail – this is PILIUM. The materialized idea of what a perfect reproduction of recorded music should look like, approximately close to the ideal, is dedicated to a truly demanding audience, pursuing maximum musical fidelity without compromise. Amazing resolution, exceptional transparency, breathtaking dynamics, organic vocals – these are all attributes that can be used to describe the character of PILIUM AUDIO products. A team of highly qualified engineers and subtitled audiophiles is behind the unprecedented reproduction of music – as close to reality as possible.
This purist preamplifier is part of the Divine line. It has been designed to meet the important requirements of a modern “preamp” – as a marathon messenger among the musicians playing in the picture, a converter that unpacks the envelope with a seal, and at the penultimate stage in front of the speakers a power amplifier that gives the message of aesthetic value strength, is an important element of the cooperative chain. Ultimately low distortion, natural unpainted performance and the ability to control power amplifiers of any power – that’s Ares. Quad-mono construction and emphasis on perfect channel separation guarantee the best possible music performance. Sophisticated volume control concept ensures that partial components of the signal path are minimized (only one resistor!). Zero loss technology got Ares into the first league. Every preamplifier operation can be controlled via the elegant interactive touch screen. The display has the ability to change colors according to the personal taste of the user. The rear panel provides the following connectivity: three pairs of input XLRs and two pairs of RCAs, then two pairs of XLRs and P-LINKs at the output. The 30-kilo machine is available in a matt black version or a silver finish.
An amplifier from the Divine line with the adjective “brutal” is a product of unprecedented development to achieve the highest demands. Two years of filigree fine-tuning have borne fruit, and at the end of the effort is an uncompromising “aspirant.” Squeezed like lemon gradually drop by drop gives the best. The last drop of sound and power was managed by the company’s engineers to implement capacitors with higher capacity. These were specially tailored for PILIUM AUDIO. Also, the world’s best transformers have been made to order and fine-tuned to your requirements. Massive coolers ensure efficient heat dissipation. Atypical special connection is the subject of a patent. Satisfaction with performance and its sufficient reserve is based on features such as: smoothness, neutrality, speed and transparency. Two x 2KVA transformers with a capacity of 380,000 uF are hiding inside the giant. “56-Ultra-wide” band with power transistors from military development and separate IEC for each channel with its own switching microprocessor, digitally controlled DC – all with unprecedented speaker protection and strict separation of signal paths from circuits that do not process the audio signal, these are jokers of a confident player. Visually, Achilles is depicted as a cube with a cooling hole on the roof with a grid. The front is decorated with a relief logo of the company and model, the back is symmetrically arranged elements: (top to bottom) 2 XLR inputs, massive speaker terminals, a pair of main switches and power terminals. The cabinet has openings on the sides through which the radiator fins extend. Want to bet on a weight category? Trifle – negligible 120 kilograms.
Since we tested through YG Hailey speakers (you can find the test in the previous issue of HIGH & Style jar / 2020), as well as the music source, converter and cabling, so we had the whole chain listened to relatively well, although originally through the monoblocks Pilium Hercules and split “preamp” Alexander In order to achieve a solid level of objectivity – in short – it was possible to bounce back. First we listened to a bit of acoustic jazz (Luis Armstrong) and some guitar ballads with gentle and subtle female singing, then we shoved Justin Timberlake with a brutal bass, which perhaps the fastest woofer in the world managed with bravura and laconic nonchalance. It should be noted that we did not play from either the “turntable” or the CD player. We streamed from the data field of the Dream Audio owner’s computer in high definition with a decent bitrate – usually better than a defined CD. This set deserves it. The openness of the field upwards and the richness of aliquot frequencies are attributes that every music deserves. During my long-term USB key, I ventilated the baroque concert of Arcangelo Corelli from my large-capacity USB key (dealing with goods). If you have ever heard the interpretation on historical string instruments with strings of sheep intestines with viola da gamba, harpsichord (basso continuo) and wooden wind instruments, where the holes were still covered with fingers, you will appreciate the specific color of the orchestra with a touch of old times and unique atmosphere. The steam with which the masterfully tested couple from the house of Pilium Audio handles “burners” has suddenly turned into tenderness and musical empathy with the material being played. It was given simply famously. The vocals spread out in the space of the “listener” with holographic accuracy and pleasant naturalness. I also briefly played the final part of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Foreplay with shots of historical cannons. I experienced how a transfer from a groove jumped out of a vinyl record with a piece in an incriminating moment. The fact. In short, it is a “mess” for any set, which thoroughly airs it, verifies its resonant resistance, the ability of woofers with the honor to handle the surge of acoustic energy and pressure. Ares and Achilles tamed the cannons with a huge “tutti” in the background with a bravura, which was confirmed to me in the final by the wonderful YG huts. The team not only managed it with reserve, but literally enjoyed it. Awesome!
In the six years that have been exceptional components of Pilium here, they have not only stirred up the level of audiophile waters, but have already managed to postulate new standards. Whether our today’s “heavy game”, or for example the split Alexander preamp, the “integrated” Leonidas, or the Hercules monoblocks – these are all items that deserve attention, and from those who have their ears in place, respect and sincere admiration. .
+ ultimate reference assembly
– natural reference price
Technical parameters:
Authentic dual mono design
Power consumption: 300 W @ 8 Ω, 600 W @ 4 Ω, 1200 W @ 2 Ω (stable 1 Ω)
Frequency response:> 100 kHz
Distortion: <0.1%
Inputs: 1 pair XLR
Output impedance: <0.1 Ω
Dimensions: 400 x 480 x 490 mm (H x W x D)
Net weight: 120 kg

Full balanced design
Inputs: 3 pairs XLR, 2 pairs RCA
Outputs: 2 pairs of XLR (standard and P-LINK)
Output impedance: <10 Ω
Dimensions: 160 x 480 x 490 mm (H x W x D)
Net weight: 30 kg

Author: Andrej Turok

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